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On a tiny rocky peninsula 35 km away from Bourgas is situated the resort of Sozopol, one of Ancient Greece's oldest settlements. Today the resort offers to the tourist fine sandy beaches, ancient houses and charm atmosphere.

Beautiful narrow lanes traverse Sozopol and its romantic charm has attracted artists and writers throughout the centuries thatís why Sozopol is one of the cultural centers of national significance. The "Apollonia" yearly art holidays are a sui generis festival of modern Bulgarian art of all genres and forms.

Sozopol is one of the earliest towns on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast and dates from 2 610 years ago. It is situated upon a picturesque peninsula. The archaeological findings testify to the presence of the Thracians as its first inhabitants. In 620 B.C. immigrants from the rich city of Milet - the largest South Greek centre on the Asia Minor coast - turned the old Thracian settlement into a rich Hellene colony - the independent city-state Apollonia-Pontica.